Renature Yourself 2

BY Natalija Špeh, PhD

The power of green colour

Do you agree that sight is the fastest sense you catch the sourrounding with? Experiencing the natural environment many shades of green catch your eye. Accompanied with different light effects of the morning purple or orange dawn horizon line. Relaxing. Wonder of Silence.

Mind your breath in of natural smell. It can feel you very aromatherapeutic. The sounds of forest calm down the mind, relieve fatigue and offer the thinking conditions.

Try to step barefoot! Never mind if you are walking in the park. Touch the water if there is any. Feel free to lay down. To return to inner you. And simply think of the silence and balance in the nature. With respect. Stay there as long as you can afford. You will feel the effect after 20 min. Take a luxury and prolong the stay, desirable over one hour.

Have you tried Fractile drawing?

Have you heard for the fractile drawing? Another skill children are better than their parents. Because they can stop their time. And do not mind. A proof that we are fluent in the language of the patterns of the natural world. We simply understand them, since we were developed there. That is why we enjoy them [1]. You can spend many rainy afternoons with your children creating fractile drawings. Observing the patterns of nature decline the stress burden by 60 % [2].

As a starting point, look at the branches over your head, you will see a natural version of the drawing. Then transfer the natural patterns on the paper. With many sinuous lines, intertwined and crossed. Remember, there are no square lines in the landscape. Besides the creative spending of spare time the method of fractile drawing is also used as a form of therapy or (self-)help through art [3].

Fractile drawing, coloured [4]

GS tip: As many times experienced, it is enough to stop under the treetop for a few minutes’ while and observe the natural structure of tree branches. The peaceful hug of silence will inspire your creative mood. Natural environment introduces holistic feelings, and puts our dark moments away.


  • Natalija Špeh, PhD

    Started her research work at ERICo Institute on interdisciplinary environmental issues since 1997, she has upgraded her geographic experiences at the Faculty of Environment Protection in Velenje, Slovenia. After finishing a job as a dean (2014), she has devoted to environmental research studies (on rural areas', water ecological studies and marine pollution).


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