Methodological toolkit

Learn about problematic issues and substances in cosmetics, beauty care and cleaning products and their impact on our health and environment through interactive activities, which you can also use to educate your target groups.

Who is the toolkit intended for?

Toolkit is an educational tool for teachers, trainers and coaches. This handbook offers ready-to-use materials such as worksheets, games and exercises to allow educators to further understand and communicate the learning content.

The toolkit topics focus on cosmetics substances and their effect on our health and environment. Many activities are dynamic and are a great tool to use in groups. They offer space for further discussion and deep interactive learning about the chosen topics.

Who created the toolkit?

Živica is an NGO that inspires change. We want to create a world where everyone is encouraged to seek their own nature. We believe that nature can teach us a lot. Environmental problems challenge us to turn our attention to our actions because changing problems only from the surface is not a globally sustainable long-term solution.

The GreenGate project was implemented as part of the Erasmus+ programme KA220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in adult education, with financial support from the EU.

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