Discover the truth about cosmetics, cleaning and washing products.

Learn the basics about the cosmetics industry, explore how to choose people and planet-friendly products or learn about industry slang in the glossary.

Green Cosmetics

knowledge base starter pack

Chapter 1

What is a harmful substance in cosmetics

Chapter 2

Why do harmful substances appear in cosmetics

Chapter 3

3 most common harmful effects of chemical substances

Chapter 4

4 Bad Guys in cosmetics you should know about

Chapter 5

Are natural cosmetics better than regular products

Chapter 6

How greenwashed are you

Chapter 7

What is the toxic cycle

A guide to a people and planet friendly household

Chapter 8

How to choose and use detergents and cleaners

Chapter 9

How to use and choose hair cosmetic

Chapter 10

Cosmetics for babies and breastfeeding mamas

Chapter 11

Do you know how to care for your teeth

Chapter 12

How to choose sunscreens

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