Removing Make-up With a Single Ingredient

BY Bc. Veronika Krejsová (Součková)

Have you tried homemade detergents and cleansers already and are thinking about how to deal with natural cosmetics? Make natural oils a part of your kit.

Sometimes we look for more complexity than we need. For getting good results from certain “products” the right combination of basic ingredients is necessary.

Then there are also tasks which we expect from cosmetics or drugstore products, which can be done by a single natural ingredient alone.

Did you think that you need chemical make-up removers to get rid of your make-up, or that making them would be difficult?

In that case, I have some surprising and good news for you at the same time. Jojoba oil. A pure natural oil, which you can get at any store with natural cosmetics and surely in some drugstores as well.

What will you need to remove the make-up:

  • Jojoba oil
  • A little water
  • Cotton pads for make-up removal or a piece of cotton cloth.

You can either use the oil alone or you can dampen the cotton pad with a little bit of water, to remove your make-up. That will make it easier to spread the oil on your face and to get a mascara off your lashes, it is not necessary though.

When I used jojoba oil for the first time, I couldn’t help but wonder about how much “dirt” it removed off my face. I recommend using natural decorative cosmetics for easier make-up removal, but it will get rid of the conventional kind of cosmetics as well, I have tested that.

GS tip: Works great, removes even waterproof make-up and leaves skin hydrated, I definitely recommend it. Apply a few drops on a cotton pad and it cleanses your skin beautifully. Just soak the pad in warm (hot) water, everyone likes a different temperature. The feeling when you apply the hot oil swab in the evening is very pleasant, and really cleanses without your eyes burning or any unsuitable ingredients.


  • Bc. Veronika Krejsová (Součková)

    She graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the Czech Agricultural University. She has tried working in various companies as well as studying abroad. For a few years now, she’s been doing freelance work on various projects as a copywriter and social networking administrator. She also devotes herself to her family, her dog and spends her time outdoors more.


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